Seekers of Oblivion / Ala Khota Nesyan

  • Release Date: 2004
  • Type: Documentary
  • Run time: 58 Minutes
  • Directed by: Ragaa Emary
  • Produced by: Marianne Khoury
  • Cinematography: Diane Baratier
  • Editing: Pierre Haberer
  • Sound: Ludovic Escalier, Omar Zitouni
  • Subtitles: English, French

"No, I am not a politician; I am not the agent of any party. I am nothing but an eccentric, a dreamer who wants to live far from the world, to live a free and nomad's life in order to then try and share what she has seen and maybe convey to others the melancholic and charmed shudder she feels in front of the sad splendors of the Sahara. That's all." - Isabelle Eberhardt Directed by Raja Amari (Satin Rouge), SEEKERS OF OBLIVION explores the exciting life and adventures of Isabelle Eberhardt. Born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1877, Isabelle left Europe for North Africa at a young age. While there, she consorted with tramps, prostitutes, soldiers, murderers and thieves, at times masquerading as a man in order to gain access to social sectors that were off limits to women. Her enigmatic character continues to seduce, fascinate and astound even today - while defying any easy classification.