Lover’s Complaint / Nidaa El Ochak

  • Release Date: 1961
  • Type: Featured
  • Run time: 105 Minutes
  • Directed by: Youssef Chahine
  • Produced by: Mohamed Afifi
  • Screenplay: Abdel Hay Adeeb, Wagih Naguib
  • Cast: Berlaanti Abdel Hamid, Shoukry Sarhan, Farid Shawki, Tawfiq Al Dikn.
  • Cinematography: Alvise Orfanelli
  • Art direction: Antoun Bolyzoys
  • Editing: Rashida Abdel Salam
  • Music: Fouad Al Zahri
  • Sound: Nasri Abdel Nour
  • Subtitles: N/A
  • Scenario: Abdel Hayy Adib, Wagih Naguib

After running away from her life as a singer, dancer Warda finds herself falling in love with her co – worker Abdo, but spoilt Hamdi, son of the factory owner is intent on sabotaging the love affair.