• Release Date: 2020
  • Type: Featured
  • Directed by: Peter Mimi
  • Produced by: New Century Production, Misr International Films, Synergy Films
  • Screenplay: Peter Mimi
  • Cast: Eyad Nassar, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Mohamed Gomaa, Ahmed El Awady, Sara El Shamy, Asmaa Abo El Yazid, Mahmoud Hafiz
  • Cinematography: Hussein Assar
  • Art direction: Ahmed Fayez
  • Editing: Ahmed Hamdy
  • Costume design: Monia Fathelbab
  • Music: Khaled El Kamaar
  • Sound: Mohamed El Daly
  • Subtitles: N/A

An engineering college student invents the first of its kind robot in the Middle East, in an attempt to avenge his father's death and achieve justice, which gets him pursued by the authorities.


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