Zawya is Moving

Youssef Shazli

Where did you go? When will Zawya be back? Why are you off?

Lately we have been asked these questions a lot, and we didn’t have a clear answer ready. But now, we are very excited to let you know what were we up to

In the last couple of months, we have been facing many challenges in our operation of Cinema Odeon. We have been constantly trying to overcome them without compromising our standards, and by maintaining the level of quality that you have been used to.

We had to find a long term solution, and refocus our efforts and energies into a different and more positive direction.

This is why we are very excited to let you know that starting the new season Zawya will be moving to Cinema Karim (15, Emad El-Din st., Downtown), and these are few reasons why we can’t wait to move.

Better viewing experience:

From our experience in organizing events like the Panorama of the European Film and Cairo Cinema Days in Cinema Karim, we have come to know the venue’s pros and cons.

In collaboration with New Century Cinemas and Misr International films, we’re

currently working on extensive renovations in our new home in terms of picture, sound, and screening halls. We are busy building slopes, painting walls and getting the space ready to welcome you soon!

Bigger space:

We will also be operating two screens in Cinema Karim, which will make way for more films, a more diversified program, more events and film programs.

Management control:

Unlike Cinema Odeon, Zawya’s team will have full control of managing Cinema Karim, which gives us freedom to implement the quality standards that we have always been pursuing; but were faced with administrative difficulties.

Finally, Throughout the past four years of Zawya in Cinema Odeon, you have shown us great support and encouragement, and we sincerely hope you will all share with us this new exciting chapter in Zawya’s life!

And as usual, see you at the cinema!