Youssef Chahine Retrospective Opens Hayy Cinema in Jeddah

Ahmed Sobky
In celebration of the Hayy Cinema’s opening in Jeddah, the Red Sea International Film Festival and Art Jameel organised a Youssef Chahine film retrospective and an archival exhibition of renowned photographer Gamal Fahmy, showcasing never-before-seen behind-the-scenes photographs from Chahine’s films.


The Youssef Chahine retrospective was the inaugural program for Hayy Cinema, which opened its doors to the public on December 6, 2022 during the Red Sea International Film Festival. The retrospective, which took place from December 6 to December 21, presented five of Chahine’s restored works, most of which were presented in Saudi Arabia for the first time to the public on the big screen.

Presented during the program were Alexandria Why, Alexandria Again And Forever, Adieu Bonaparte, The Sixth Day and Return Of The Prodigal Son.

The program was extended to December 31st following a strong response from the audience.