The Black Box Movie In Cinemas

Gaby Khoury
With its Egyptian cinematic release a day away, our Production team is excited to bring our latest project, The Black Box, to audiences in Egypt, and soon after to the Middle East and Gulf territories.

Directed by Mahmoud Kamel and featuring stellar performances from artists Mona Zaki, Mohammed Farrag, Moustafa Khater, Sherif Salama and Asmaa Galal, The Black Box is set to hit Egyptian cinemas on Wednesday, October 28th in over 65 locations across the different governorates.

In spite of the difficulties the motion picture industry has been facing, since the Coronavirus outbreak in March, we are hopeful The Black Box will perform well and lure back audiences to movie theatres.

The action thriller, written by Ahmed and Haitham El-Dahhan, tackles the theme of home invasion, a subject matter rarely explored in Egyptian cinema.

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