MIF Distribution Brief - Jan '19

Ahmed Kellal
Happy new year! And gripping Jan movies!









Happy new year, everyone!

With mid-year holidays a few days away, time for Arabic winter movies season and some interesting releases from overseas!

This month, we’re happy to be distributing:

– What promises to be a unique experience, 122 stars Ahmed Daoud and Amina Khalil. Making the movie more unique is the fact it is the first ever Egyptian movie to be made available in the MX4D format in our cinemas!
– The Immobilia Crime, set in the notorious Downtown building and reminiscent of 60s Hollywood psycho-thrillers
– Vox Lux, a realistic take on pop stardom and what rising to fame looks like, in this day and age
– The Upside, Hollywood’s remake of one of the best and most heartfelt French movies of the past decade, Les Intouchables