MIF Distribution Brief – Q1 ’20

Ahmed Kellal
We’re bringing a fine mix of movies to Egyptian cinema screens during the first quarter of 2020!

  • The Gentlemen: what we hope is another one of Guy Ritchie’s twisted-and-masterfully-tied-together action/crime thrillers!
  • The Last Full Measure & Axis Sally: two dramas based on true stories, one from the Vietnam war records that tells of exceptional bravery recognized more than 30 years after the facts; the other offering us an insider’s view of the Nazi propaganda machine during WWII, through the eyes of an American who became one of the Reich’s most effective psychological warfare tools.
  • Vivarium: a novel take on the dystopian genre, presented in a sci-fi/horror hybrid format!

A solid way to start the year, may it be filled with lots of great films!