MIF Distribution Brief - Dec '18

Ahmed Kellal
December, a month of celebration and 4 interesting releases!

It may well be holiday season, but feel-good movies isn’t all one can look forward to, in December. We’re psyched to be distributing the following features, across Egyptian cinemas, this month:
Beautiful Boy and Ben is Back, where addiction is the main character and a parent’s love is put to the ultimate test. With the lead roles interpreted by veterans Julia Roberts and Steve Carell, and up-and-coming mega-talents Timothée Chalamet and Lucas Hedges, an Oscar nomination or two will not come as a surprise!

A Private War, where Rosamund Pike transforms to play the real-life story of Marie Colvin, one of the best-known war correspondents of our time; a movie that promises a deep dive into the ruin that Man brings to the world, and the scars it leaves on millions.
– Arabic feature Exterior/Night, allowing us a glimpse into seldom-exposed sides of Cairo.