Misr International Films (MIF) was founded in 1972 by the late, world-renowned Egyptian filmmaker Youssef Chahine, whose films have been key in depicting modern Egypt and capturing the complexity of its society and have received international acclaim, winning numerous international prizes culminating in the lifetime achievement award in 1997 at the Cannes International Film Festival. Today, MIF is an integrated film and TV company with substantial experience in every aspect of the production, distribution and exhibition processes.

MIF has also been very active on the international scene, pioneering several major co-productions, and as executive producer, providing comprehensive services to foreign companies filming in Egypt.

To deliver diverse stories to audiences through the Arab region and the world and to provide excellence across all facets of the Motion Picture industry including Production, Distribution and Exhibition.

To be the partner of choice in the film industry in the MENA region.

The Team

Elie Khoury


Elie is the Chairman of MIF. He is responsible for defining and monitoring the implementation of the company’s direction and strategy.

Elie led a lifelong career in the corporate and investment banking sectors in the United Kingdom with Barclays where he held senior positions. He was then appointed Deputy Chairman of Barclays Wealth International, and Chairman of the bank’s subsidiary in Egypt. On leaving Barclays, Elie joined DBS, the largest Bank in Singapore, as a Vice Chairman of their investment banking arm. He also held board positions in the leisure and asset management industries in Germany and Dubai before joining MIF in 2010.

Since then, Elie’s experience in commercial and investment banking has constituted a significant asset for MIF, specifically in deal structuring and execution.

Elie holds an M.Sc degree in Economics from the University of Surrey, United Kingdom.


CEO - Managing Partner

Gaby is the CEO of MIF as well as a Managing Partner. He oversees the company’s full spectrum of activities ranging from exhibition, production, distribution to production services. Over the past three decades, Gaby has been the main catalyst behind MIF’s growth to the fully integrated film company it is today.

Since joining MIF in 1990, Gaby produced a wide variety of critically acclaimed films, documentaries and TV series alongside directors such as Youssef Chahine, Yusri Nasrallah, Atef Hetata, Khaled Youssef, Samir Habchi and Kamla Abou Zekri to name a few, which allowed him to gain recognition in the film industry. He also established and developed the company’s distribution and exhibition activities throughout the years, which cemented MIF’s position in the market.

Prior to joining MIF, Gaby has worked as an engineer at 3M in Lebanon, Iran, Syria and Egypt as well as at IHI in Japan, Algeria and Kuwait.

Gaby holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon and a master’s degree in Quantitative Business Methods from the University of Surrey, United Kingdom.

Marianne Khoury

Managing Partner

Producer & Director

Marianne is a Managing Partner at MIF as well as a Cairo-based filmmaker. She has closely collaborated with iconic filmmaker Youssef Chahine for more than three decades.

Since joining MIF in 1980, she produced and directed films that engage the audience on an intimate level, tackling themes of identity, memory and marginalization. She produced around 30 films and feature documentaries that won awards in regional and international festivals. Acting as a conduit between artists and the cinema industry, Marianne was instrumental in introducing the first edition of the Panorama of the European Film in Cairo in 2004. Her latest initiative, The Dahshur Workshops, is dedicated to the mentoring and development of films made by emerging Egyptian and Arab talent. Marianne’s latest film Let’s Talk was selected to take part in the 32nd edition of the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, and won the Audience Award at the Cairo International Film Festival, 2019.

Marianne has a BA in Economics from the American University of Cairo, Egypt and an MSc. in Agricultural Economics from Oxford University, U.K.

Ramzi Khoury

Deputy CEO

Ramzi is the Deputy CEO of MIF. In addition to leading MIF’s exhibition arm, Ramzi has recently been playing a major role in the company’s content production and distribution strategy.

Since joining MIF in 2006, Ramzi has been a driving force in the exhibition business’ growth, resulting in MIF becoming a strong player in the cinema industry. Most notably, he was a pioneer in modernizing the cinema-going experience in Egypt via the introduction of premium screening formats, innovative technologies as well as online ticketing. In fact, Ramzi introduced the IMAX and MX4D technologies in Egypt in 2012 and 2016 respectively, continuously aiming to provide MIF’s customers with state-of-the-art entertainment.

Ramzi has a master’s degree in Business Administration from ESADE, Barcelona, Spain and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

Youssef Shazli

Zawya Director

Since joining MIF in 2013, Youssef’s vision of expanding Egypt’s market for arthouse world cinema has culminated in him spearheading two important MIF projects: The Panorama of the European Film and Zawya. A driving force behind the company’s alternative initiatives, Youssef co-founded Zawya Cinema and Distribution, which, aside from operating the only full-fledged arthouse cinema in Egypt, aims to offer audiences across the Arab region a taste of local and regional independent productions.

Youssef has given several talks and workshops on alternative film exhibition and distribution in the Arab world and has worked as a reader and juror for several film projects. Aside from his work at MIF, Youssef occasionally works as a music programmer.

Youssef holds a Bachelor degree in International Development from McGill University.

Omar Abou Zeid

Head of Finance

Omar has been a part of the MIF family since 1988 and has led the Finance department for almost 3 decades.

Omar's finance expertise ranges through all MIF departments and he has been a cornerstone to MIF's growth and prosperity throughout the years. He has also been instrumental in securing financing for film and cinema projects.

Omar has a bachelor's degree in accounting from Cairo University.

Ahmed Kellal

MIF Exhibition Business Development Head

Since joining MIF in 2016, Ahmed has been key in developing and improving box office, concession and sponsorship revenue to our exhibition business, as well as streamlining all facets of operations

Ahmed comes from a Telecom/IT background, with a mixed profile of over six years in one of the largest multinationals, and as many years contributing to the establishment and development of SMEs.

He has a master’s degree in Multimedia & Data Networks from Telecom Bretagne, France, and a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from Cairo University, Egypt.

Nadine Khoury

Program Development Manager

Nadine is the Program Manager at MIF responsible for implementing operational changes and delivering measurable developments with the aim of improving the company’s overall performance.

Nadine started her career in Paris working in the Mergers & Acquisition teams of Barclays Capital and Credit Agricole CIB, where she was involved in various structured solutions and M&A transactions for large CAC 40 clients. Nadine then joined Broadgate Advisers in 2016, an investment boutique with operations in Beirut and Geneva where she worked on the execution of several M&A transactions and the structuring of private equity funds, mainly across the MENA region.

Nadine holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and master’s in mathematical modelling and financial engineering from Paris Dauphine University, Paris, France as well as a MBA from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

Maged Youssef

Executive Producer

Maged has worked as executive production head in many of MIF’s productions since 1995, which have added to his already impressive resume in the industry.

He has notably worked with prominent directors such as Youssef Chahine, Khaled Youssef and Yousri Nasrallah. Maged has also managed the production of several high-profile foreign film shoots in Egypt.

He has a Bachelor of Arts from Cairo University’s Faculty of Arts & Literature.

May Hossam

Assistant Producer

Since joining the company in 1991, May has been Gaby Khoury’s Assistant Producer in all of MIF's productions, most importantly Youssef Chahine's recent films which include "The Immigrant", "Destiny", and "Chaos". May has also worked as Production Coordinator in several high-profile foreign movies such as Malcom X and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. May is also handling MIF's administrative work.

She has a bachelor's degree in accounting from the French section in Cairo University.

Ashraf Moselhi

MIF Exhibition Operations Manager

Ashraf has been MIF's man on the ground since 1992. With his "customer always comes first" approach, he played an integral role in building the reputation and identity of MIF's cineplexes.

Ashraf previously ran the operations of cinemas such as Karim, Sheraton, Odeon, Radio, City Stars, Golden Stars, and is now running Point 90 Cinemas, Plaza Cinemas, as well as Galaxy Manial Cinemas.

Ashraf also played several major roles in very successful movies and TV series.

Ahmed Sobky

Zawya Head of Distribution

As the Head of Distribution in Zawya, Ahmed oversees the regional distribution of independent Egyptian films represented by Zawya, and the distribution of the MIF films library, including the restored films of Youssef Chahine. In addition, he is part of the team that manages the programming of Zawya cinema.

Since joining Zawya in 2015, Ahmed helped establish the distribution arm working on films like In the Last Days of the City, Cactus Flower, Poisonous Roses and Ehkeely. He also worked on special programs including Youssef Chahine: The Restoration Project. Shifting from his university studies, Ahmed started his career in film PR and marketing with a focus on Hollywood films in Egypt. He later ventured into independent film distribution in Egypt and the Arab world.

Ahmed holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the German University in Cairo. He has also been a participant in multiple industry workshops including Berlinale Talents, Torino Film Lab and Locarno Academy.

Morcos Bushra

Distribution Manager

Abd El Rahman Al Sayed

Chief Accountant

Ahmed Magdy

Zawya - General Accountant

Ahmed Metwally

Chief Accountant

Anwar Elkholy

Lead Graphic Designer

George Emad

Digital Marketing Executive

Islam Yehia


Magdy Seif

Archivist & Customs Specialist

Malak Makar

Zawya Head of Festivals

Nawara Shoukry

Zawya Head of Cinema

Oussama Rekaby

Library Administrator

Rabie Hassan

Chief Accountant

Seif Farouk

Cash Management Lead

Yasmeen Mokhtar

Zawya Head of Marketing & Communication