Youssef Chahine Films

2007: Chaos (Heya Fawda)

2007: After 47Years (baed 47 sana)

2004: Alexandria…NewYork (Iskendereya…NewYork)

2002: 11’09’01’

2001: Silence.. We're rolling (Soukout.. ha Nesawar)
co-produced with France

1999: The Other (Al Akhar)
co-produced with France

1998: It’s Only One Step (Kolaha Khatouah)

1997: Destiny (Al Massir)
Golden Jubilee a ward Cannes 1997 / co-produced with France

1994: The Emigrant (Al Mohager)
co-produced with France

1993: Caligula
(Comédie Française)

1991: Cairo...  as told by Chahine 

1989: Alexandria Again and Forever (Iskendereya Kaman we Kaman)
co-produced with France

1986: The Sixth Day (Al Yom El Sades)
co-produced with France

1984: Adieu Bonaparte
{Commander of Arts and Letters-Paris}
* co-produced with France

1982: An Egyptian Story (Hadouta Misriya)
{C. of the Arts-Tunisia)

1978: Alexandria Why (Iskindereya Leh)
{Silver Bear-Berlin Festival}

1976: Return of the Prodigal Son (Awdet el ibn el dal)
{Best Film}

1973: The Sparrow (Al Osfour)
{Best Film} * co-produced with Algeria

1973: Forward We Go (Intilak)
(Documentary) co-produced with Algeria

1972: Salwa the Girl who Talked to Cows 

1970: The Choice (El Ikhetiyar)
{Grand Prize Carthage-Tunisia}

1969: The Land (El Ard)
{Best Film}

1968: People and the Nile (Annas wal Nil)

1968: Once upon a time … the Nile (Al Nil wal haya)

1967: The Sacred Oil 

1966: Golden Sands (Rimal min Dahab)

1965: The Ring Seller (Bayaa el Khawatem)
{Order of Lebanon-Beyrouth}

1964: Dawn of a New Day (Fagr Yom Guedid)
co-produced with the Soviet - Union

1963: Saladin (Ennasser Salahelddine)
{Commander of the Arts  Cairo}

1961: Lover's Complaint (Nidaa El Ochak)

1961: A man in my Life (Ragol fi hayaty)

1960: Only You (Bein Eidik)

1959: Forever Yours (Hob Ilal Abad)

1958: Cairo Station (Bab el Hadid)
{Best Actor}

1958: Jamila the Algerian (Jemila)
{Best Picture-Egypt/Algeria}

1957: My One and Only Love (Enta Habibi)

1957: Farewell my Love (Wadaat Hobbak)

1955: Dark Waters (Seraa fil Mina)

1954: The Blazing Sun (Seraa fil Wadi)
{Best Egyptian Picture}

1954: Demon of the Desert (shaitan el saharaa)

1953: Only Women (Nissaa bila Rigal)

1952: The Great Clown (Almoharrag el Kabir)

1952: Lady on a Train (Sayedet el Kitar)

1951: Nile Boy (Ibn el Nil)

1950: Daddy Amin (Baba Amin)

1948: The Magnificent Vanes

1948: Ibsen’s Love Comedy