The team

Name: Elie Khouri

After a long career in banking and finance, Elie joined MIF in 2010. His banking career which spanned three decades, mostly in the UK, culminated in his holding several jobs at Board level.
His joining MIF, brought to the company a wealth of experience and an impressive commercial background, which has proven to be a vital asset for structuring and executing deals.

Elie has an M.Sc in International Economics from the University of Surrey, U.K.

Name: Gaby Khoury
Managing Director, Producer
Gaby entered the world of film production in 1990 as Managing Director of the company. Gaby has many critically acclaimed films, documentaries and TV series under his belt and has played a major role in the development of the exhibition and distribution business in Egypt.
Gaby has an M.Sc in quantitative business from the University of Surrey.
Name: Marianne Khoury
Director, Producer
Film-maker Marianne Khoury produces and directs films that engage the audience at an intimate level so they share her passion for controversial themes such as identity, memory, breaking ground, marginalization and social exclusion. She introduced the first edition of the Panorama of the European Film in Cairo in 2004, an initiative which explores themes and genres in order to present alternative cinema to the Egyptian public.
Marianne also founded Zawya, a permanent home for such films.
Marianne holds an M.Sc from Oxford University, U.K.
Name: Ramzi Khoury

After graduating with an MBA from ESADE business school in Barcelona, Ramzi is leading the cinema development department in Misr International Films. As a member of the company's board, Ramzi makes a significant contribution to the company's strategy in this field. Apart from managing the existing portfolio, he has pioneered the introduction of IMAX into the Egyptian market.

Name: Youssef Shazli

Youssef was born and raised in Cairo. He graduated with a bachelor degree in International Development from McGill University in 2011 and moved back to Cairo shortly after. Youssef worked in Research and Development for a year before entering the cinema industry. He has been working for Misr International Films since and currently managing two of MIF's initiatives: The Panorama of the European Film and Zawya.