MIF Production Catalogue

Films produced or co-produced by Misr International Films
Films directed by Youssef Chahine:
2007: Heya Fawda / Chaos
2004: Iskendereya..New York / Alexandria, New York
2001: Soukout Ha Nesawar / Silence We’re Rolling
1999: Al Akhar / The Other
1997: Al Massir / Destiny
1994: Al Mohager / The Emigrant
1989: Iskendereya Kaman We Kaman / Alexandria Again And Forever
1986: Al Yom El Sades / The Sixth Day
1984: Al Wedaa Ya Bonaparte / Adieu Bonaparte
1982: Hadouta Masreya / An Egyptian Story
1978: Iskindereya Leh / Alexandria Why
1976: Awdet El Ibn El Dal / Return Of The Prodigal Son
1972: Al Asfour / The Sparrow


Films directed by other directors:

Feature Films:
Genenet Al Asmak / Aquarium 
Directed by: Yousri Nasrallah
Beirut Open City / Dokhan Bila Naar
Directed by: Samir Habchi
Heya Fawda / Chaos
Directed by: Youssef Chahine and Khaled Youssef
El Assifa / The Storm
Directed by: Khaled Youssef
Al Madina / The City
Directed by: Yousri Nasrallah
El Abwab El Mghlaka / Closed Doors
Directed by: Atef Hatata
Concerto Fi Darb Saada / Concert In The Street Of Happiness 
Directed by: Radwan El Kashef
Arack El Balah / Date Wine 
Directed by: Radwan El Kashef
Ahlam Saghira / Little Dreams 
Directed by: Khaled El Haggar
Directed by: Yousri Nasrallah
Chahatine Wa Nobalaa / Beggars And Prouds
Directed by: Asma El Bakri
Summersaults / Sarikat Sayfeya
Directed by: Yousri Nasrallah
Chafika Wa Metwali
Directed by: Ali Badrakhan
The Water Bearer Is Dead / El Sakaa Maat
Directed by: Salah Abou Seif
2011: Settou Zad, My First Passion
Directed by: Heba Yossry
2009: Episodes Chahine Why
Directed by: Mona Ghandour
2004: Fama… A Heroine Without Glory
Directed by: Dalila Ennadre
2004: Seekers Of Oblivion
Directed by: Raja Amari
2004: When A Woman Sings
Directed by: Mustapha Hasnaoui
2004: Sheikhates Blues
Directed by: Ali Essafi

2004: Rai Story / Sheikha Rimitti
Directed by: Ahmed Rachedi

2003: Women Is Courage
Directed by: Amine Rachedi
2003: Sayedet Al Kasr / Lady Of The Palace 
Directed by: Samir Habchi
2003: Women Beyond Borders
Directed by: Jean Chamoun
2002: Ashikat Al Cinema / Women Who Loved Cinema Parts One And Two 
Directed by: Marianne Khoury
1999: The Legend Of Rose Al Youssef
Directed by: Mohamed Kamel El-Kalioubi
1999: Zaman Laura / The Time Of Laura 
Directed by: Marianne Khoury
1995: Sobbian We Beneit / On Boys, Girls And The Veil 
Directed by: Yousri Nasrallah
1995: Hadoutet Chahine / Chahine's Story (12 episodes)
Directed by: Mohamed Shebl
Television Drama:


2013: Zaat
Directed by: Kamla Abu Zikri and Khairy Bishara

2011: Dawaran Shubra
Directed by: Khaled El Haggar