Lady Of The Palace / Sayedat Al Kasr

  • Release Date: 2003
  • Type: Documentary
  • Run time: 58 Minutes
  • Directed by: Samir Habshy
  • Produced by: Misr International Films, Ognon Pictures, Zentropa, Les Fils Chafic Fathallah
  • Editing: Richard Touma
  • Sound: Armando Haddad, Kozhaya Rostom
  • Subtitles: English, French
  • Producers: Gabriel Khoury, Marianne Khoury, Humbert Balsan
  • Director Of Photography: Roland Daou, Roy Lteif
  • Mixing: Kozhaya Rostom
  • Production Manager: Mohab Chanesaz
  • Script: Samir Habchi, Georges Ghanem

At a time when the oriental woman indulged herself in seclusion, deprived of her basic rights, Nazira Jumblat presided in palaces and social events, occupying a leading position in a male dominated, conservative and closed religious society. Jumblat played a significant role in Lebanese politics during an important period in Lebanese history.