• Type: Feature Film
  • Directed by: Yousri Nasrallah
  • Date: 1993
  • Duration: 105 Minutes
  • Subtitles: English, French
  • Production: Misr International Films, Channel 7, Paris Classics
  • Editor: Rashid Abdel Salam
  • Scenario: Yousri Nasrallah
  • Starring: Youssra, Zaki Abdel Wahab, Seif Abdel Rahman, Abla Kamel, Menha El Batrawi, Ahmed Sami Abdallah, Mona Zakariya, Magdi Kamel, Bassem Samra, Taalat Zein, Tamim Abdo, Tahiya Karioka
  • Sound: Gasser Gabr
  • Cinematographer: Ramsis Marzouk
  • Music: Mohamed Noah
  • Camera: Samir Bahzan

Director Yousry Nasrallah satirizes Egyptian social and political tensions in this lively comedy. With his blonde hair and communist beliefs, Noubi (Zaki Abdel Wahab) stands out from his fellow countrymen. Rejecting the trappings of his wealthy materialistic family including the ultra – luxe Egyptian status symbol, a Mercedes Benz he creates chaos with his plan to donate his inheritance to the communist party. When his gay brother disappears, Noubi’s search takes him on an adventure filled with belly dancers, soccer fanatics and Muslim fundamentalists.