Wrath of the Parents / Ghadab Elwaleydan

  • Release Date: 1963
  • Type: Feature Film
  • Run time: 124 Minutes
  • Directed by: Hassan El Imam
  • Produced by: Arabic Films Company
  • Screenplay: Mahmoud Fahmi
  • Cast: Chadeya, Mohamed Sarhan Sameeha Tawfeek, Shokry Sarhan, Fakher Fakher, Zou Zou Hamdy El Hakim, Fouad El Mohandess, Ameena Rezk, Hussien Reyad
  • Cinematography: Alvise Orfaneli
  • Art direction: Abass Helmy
  • Editing: Ehsan Farghal
  • Music: Ibrahim Hagag
  • Sound: Niveo Orfanelli
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
  • Scenario: Hassan El Imam