Saladin / Ennasser Salahelddine

  • Release Date: 1963
  • Type: Feature Film
  • Run time: 145 Minutes
  • Directed by: Youssef Chahine
  • Produced by: Al Mouasasa Al Misriya Lel Cinema, Lotus Film
  • Screenplay: Robert Saad, Masoud Isaa
  • Cast: Ahmed Mazhar , Nadia Lutfi , Salah Zulfikar , Laila Fawzi , Hamdi Gheeth , Laila Taher , Omar Al Hariri , Hussien Riad , Mahmoud Al Meligy
  • Cinematography: Wadid Serri
  • Art direction: Antoine Belouzise, Habib Khoury, Robert Sharfinirg
  • Editing: Rashida Abdel Salam
  • Costume design: Mohamed Ezzat
  • Music: Fransco Lafinyonyo, Ahmed Saed Al Din
  • Sound: Nasri Abdel Nour
  • Subtitles: English, French
  • Scenario: Abdel Rahman Al Sharkawi, Youssef Chahine

An early commentary on the manipulation of religion: The film presents a fictional account of the relationship between a battle that pit Saladin, ruler of the areas surrounding the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem, against the Farranga who controlled the city. The film first depicts the Faranga’s attack on a convoy of Muslim pilgrims by the Rahbani Brothers, a celebrated Arab musician/poet duo.

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