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Misr International Films has signed an exclusive deal with IMAX to bring one of the most powerful and respected brands in the entertainment industry to Egypt.
MIF launched its first IMAX theatre in October 2012 in West Cairo: The Vodafone IMAX theatre, in Sheikh Zayed. The 500-seater auditorium with its giant 13x24m screen offers local moviegoers the world’s most immersive movie experience. The Vodafone IMAX theatre in Sheikh Zayed has been hailed by IMAX as "one of the best IMAX theaters in the world". 
The success of IMAX in Egypt has prompted Misr International Films to begin the development of its second theatre, which will launch in 2015.
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The Pioneering Technology IMAX offers:

Projection system: IMAX’s projection technology delivers crystal –clear images.

Audio system: IMAX’s cutting edge audio technology enhances what you hear which helps you to see and feel the IMAX impact.

IMAX 3D: IMAX 3D delivers the greatest brightness, clarity and depth creating unmatched experiences and images that leap off the screen and into your lap.

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